NEWS ALERT:  A STRONG Immune System is CRUCIAL to our survival AGAINST Covid-19!            MORE:   In order to regain your health you need to work on the body's TRUE key health factors - CRUCIAL to your recovery.   It's Biochemistry, it's a biological fact!  


NEWS ALERT:  Do you REALLY know the TRUE CAUSES of your ill-health? – Only by identifying and removing the underline TRUE CAUSES you can regain GOOD HEALTH!!!                MORE NEWS:  Want To Be Beautiful ON THE OUTSIDE?     Then, You Have To Be Healthy IN THE INSIDE.   It's Biochemistry, it's a biological fact!                  MORE NEWS:  IF you hate wrinkles and wish to have a youthful skin and more energy, clean your INSIDE! –   it's Biochemistry, it's a biological fact!

A Slit Lamp (see image) is used during the initial consultation to analyse the patient’s iris (the coloured part of your eye). (AT THE MOMENT NOT AVAILABLE) REMOTE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION ONLY - HOWEVER, THE IRIDOLOGY ANALYSIS WOULD BE DONE, BUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY - (find out more HERE) The iris reflects and reveals precise information about the current health of the body's organs and tissues.
Iridology is a quick, safe, not invasive and pain-free key method to the consultation process and success. It is the most important and crucial investigation to carry out, to look at the organs and tissues' genetic strength and weaknesses, levels of inflammation and the causes of symptoms, to precisely find out where the problem lies, what are the TRUE root causes of the person’s health issue and the underlying mechanisms of illness.
When that has been establihed a precise and specific naturopathic intervention would address the body's make-up, variations of function and its underlying mechanisms of healing, enabling it to regain its healthy balance and in turn overcoming its disease, naturally.

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