At True Key Health Factors, our nutrition mission is to increase public awareness of what this relatively new Americanised Western way of eating is doing to our body and to the one of our loved ones. This way of eating has created nutritional deficiencies resulting in the breakdown of our body's organs. Health can be restored through changing the way we eat and by adding key nutritional supplements. If you can follow our instructions and you can understand that processed, sugar filled, chemically loaded, non-foods are destroying your body, then we can help you. Our molecular method for a conscious nutrition helps people to take back control of their health not just for the long term but for a lifetime.

Our non-harmful, gentle, natural solutions for numerous common health issues have improved the lives of many. Tailoring to the needs of each unique client, we adopt Nutrition Response Testing, in conjunction with Iridology, to assess your unique needs in order to determine the underlying causes of ill-health and be able therefore to tacke it effectively.

When these are established then they are corrected and rectify through safe, natural, nutritional and other naturopathic means. Only then the body can starts repairing itself and in time you should be able to regain and maintain a good level of health.

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