Gut Cleansing – Gut Rejuvenation – Bowel Function Support

Our bodies spend a enormous amount of energy in maintaining our gut in proper health.   A healthy gut is undoubtedly the result of getting the right nutrients by making good food choices.  It’s also intimately related to microbiome diversity and the absence of ingesting antibiotics and other chemicals and synthetic medications.  Microbial diversity is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy gut.  Furthermore, the great majority of our immune system lives in our gut.  The trillions of bacteria form a physical barrier that covers our gut wall whose job is to prevent viruses and other undesirable illness-causing microbes getting into our bloodstream.  Furthermore, gut's microbiome, by interacting with the immune and elements of the lymphatic system which live within the gut wall, stimulate them to fight infections.  In truth, our gut’s microbiome affects us so much more as you can find out in relation to other topics in this website.

All the above can take place by making sure that the gut is cleansed and toxins-free for the microbiome (good bacteria) to strive there.  Our KEY FACTOR 1 has been designed specifically to address this key issue.

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