It has been documented in medical sciences that in order to prevent adverse effects of oxidative stress in our body, pro-oxidants and antioxidants chemicals must be a balance state. When imbalances occurred then a variety of diseases and chronic health situations take over the body.
Gut health is primarily involved in these imbalances due to potential infectious and inflammatory complications caused from the foods that we eat and process there.
The gut has major neuronal, vascular, lymphatic, and immune networks in the body.

The digestive tract is in constant contact with microbial antigens, and allergenic invasions through food intake.   Gut mucosa with tight junctions is covered with the microbiome, which protects the gastrointestinal tract against proliferation and colonization by unfriendly microbes and toxins. Imbalance in the microbiota results in dysbiosis, gut permeability to toxins and states of disease. Dysbiosis results in dysregulated antioxidants and reactive oxidation affecting immune cells among others, affecting therefore the entire defence system. To keep things simple, how important is it to have a clean, detoxified gut?   It is of Paramount Importance!!!!   It is key to its own health, to the health of our immune system and to the body overall health.

KEY FACTOR 1, 2 and 3 have been formulated for this specific purpose.   The 3 of them may help to defend, protect and fortify the gut, the organs involved with their operations within the digestive system, the immune system and therefore our body as a whole.


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