Iridology is the science of diagnosis based on an accurate analysis of the iris which would reveals precise information about the current strength and weakness of all body's organs and tissues, their genetic dispositions and the source of the problem even before pain or other symptoms manifest themselves. Accurate diagnosis of the iris provides a wealth of information that is impossible to obtain by other methods. In other words, it is the prime diagnostic tool and, as such, it is now incorporated into conventional top private clinics around the world (which charge thousands of pounds) for comprensive answers.

We iridologists see signs of existing and even potential future health problems. Many sick people have been sent by their doctor for tests, and then more tests, only to find out, several years later and a ton of pills, that them and their doctor still had no clue of what was causing the ill-health. How wise it would have been to call on a qualifyied iridologist for help in the first place.

An accurate Iris investigation is key because only with profound understanding of the problem can the proper therapy be matched to the patient’s condition and help his/her recovery. The analysis is followed by prescribing the appropriate therapy. The diagnosis is painless, non-invasive and can be performed on people of any age. Besides Irides analysis, we offer a range of natural therapies, including a gut detox combined with boosting programs for the main organs and the immune system, with medicinal herbs and a personalized nutrition program based on the findings. On their part our patients have to take responsibility for their own health and follow the instructions they were given, a small task and well worth the effort.

IF you are really determined to break-free from relentless chemical medications which keep you trapped in a painful and hopeless vicious diseased cycle, then you ought to really consider what you just read very very carefully!
Get well....stay well

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