Scientific medical papers have documented that in order to avoid harmful effects of oxidative stress in our body, antioxidants and pro-oxidants chemicals have to be in a balance state.  When that balance is not in place then a variety of diseases and chronic health situations take over the body's systems and organs.  Gut health is primarily involved in these imbalances due to potential infectious and inflammatory complications caused from the foods that we eat and process there.  The gut has major lymphatic, immune networks, neuronal and vascular connections in the body.

The digestive tract is constantly interacting with allergenic invasions of microbial antigens through food intake.   Gut's wall with its tight junctions is covered with the microbiome that protects the gastro-intestinal tract against the colonization and proliferation of nasty toxins and microbes.   In turn, microbiome's alteration causes dysbiosis, gut permeability dysregulated antioxidants, susceptibility to toxins, reactive oxidation affecting immune cells among others, affecting therefore the entire defence system and generates disease.  To keep things simple, how important is it to have a clean, detoxified gut?   It is of Paramount Importance!!!!     It is key to its own health, to the health of our immune system and to the body overall health.

FATTORE CHIAVE 1, 2 e 3 sono stati formulati per questo scopo specifico. Tutti e 3 sinergeticamente possono aiutare a difendere, proteggere e fortificare l'intestino, gli organi coinvolti nelle loro operazioni all'interno del sistema digestivo, il sistema immunitario e quindi a difendere, proteggere e fortificare il nostro corpo nel suo insieme.

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