Liver Problems | Fatty Liver

Liver support is KEY for our overall health. It uses more oxygen than any other body's organs when it is at rest, even more than our brain.  The liver produces bile, stores glucose as glycogen, metabolises hormones and chemicals and plays many other life-crucial roles.  When our liver is not adequately nourished and supported, we may experience constipation, irritability, pain, stiffness, acne or insomnia.  Liver support is relatively easy with the right nutrients, herbs and supplements.  Our KEY FACTOR 2 is a liver support supplement made from very carefully selected herbs and important nutrients.  It is gentle but at the same time it might be very helpful to the liver for its effective cleansing, nutritive and soothing herbal's actions formula.


Many reports provide a positive glimpse into the potential for herbs in relation to the liver.   Several reports have been published of people experiencing liver issues as a result large amounts or because the wrong herb/s were taken.  As always, before taking any herbs supplement, especially if a history of liver disease exists in your family or if you’re pregnant or nursing or are thinking of doing a DIY, avoid taking them but consult a healthcare provider first!

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