When you spot mould on your home's ceiling what you do? Do you just paint on top and hope it will go away? Would it? Of course not! The very first sensible thing to do would be to look for the cause of it! Isn't it? Is it coming from a leaking pipe upstairs? Perhaps, ok, what next. Well you trace the upstairs’ pipe and when you find its rusted/broken area you fix it, right? Why? Because you know that it will solve the problem!!!!


Well, the same rational applies with our health, when something is broken, not working as it should. Why keep painting on top of it???? Do you keep taking pills hoping that it will go away? Would it? Of course NOT!!!! Find the cause, remove it, problem solved! It is that simple,
IRIDOLOGY is the best tool available to us humans to quickly, accurately, safely, pain-free and not invasively find the symbolic leaking pipe which causes us health problems so we can fix them.

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