I am Moreno Micheloni, a qualified, certified and registered healthcare practitioner (more about me here).  I am passionate about helping people in resolving their health issues in the best way possible and get them back on track by sharing my experience, knowledge and empowering them to take responsability for their own health.   Here’s what I would love to do for you:


- First and above all, i would perform an in-depth analisys of your iris in order to pinpoint where in your body are the true root cause/s of your ill-health. (This is the most important, crucial and essential thing to make sure of before everything else!)
- Explain my findings and conclusion to you in order to help you to understand what is taking place.
- Help you to priorities strategy for improving your health.
- Discuss your experiences with you and suggest useful strategies
- Discuss tests that you could ask your doctor about.
- I may recommend tests that your doctor can order for you.
- I can order tests that your doctor is not willing to order.
- Analyse results of tests, nutrient and blood measurements of health markers.
- Discuss all the above with you and suggest practical strategies that you could implement with my supervision and discuss possible other ways to tackle your ill health.
- I will recommend workable ways to prevent possible future illnesses based on the iris analysis.
- I will provide a dietary programme to follow under my supervision.
- I would discuss dietary and treatment programme and help you decide what would be the most effective option/s to meet your goals.
- I will suggest practical achievable ways to tweak your lifestyle for the better.
- I may would suggest specific naturopathic treatments to support the above programme/s.
- I will coach you on the best ways to approach the ‘Package of Care’ or ‘Premium Care’ (see BOOK A CONSULTATION).
- I will provide you with a receipt for your payment of the consultation/s.


- I won’t design your whole diet around your microbiome or analyse your microbiome and give you a list of supplements to take.
Why not?
Because I don’t believe that works. Instead, I will only help you in ways I believe are truly effective.
- I won’t sell you pharmaceutical supplements, such as multi-minerals/vitamins.
- What I will do instead: I would recommend, if only strictly necessary, one or more of our NATURAL, ORGANIC, herbs based KEY FACTORS treatments in which we strongly believe and trust their proven efficacy.

You would be under not obligation to go ahead with it/them.

Regardless of whatever approach you will choose, I will suggest practical clear, science-backed advice to help you make the best possible informed decisions. I would guide you in order to successfully take actions/steps that would enable you to reach your goal of achieving/regaining optimum health not just for short and long term but for a lifetime.

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