Your Genetic Code It Is Not A Dead Sentence!

Our genes makes us who we are.   Today's technology has advanced tremendously to a point where we can clearly trace many of our physiological characteristics, strength and weaknesses back to our genes.   This genetic mapping is incredibly revealing and capable of helping us to identify with high accuracy who we are and even where we came from.   Every human being past and present has thousands of pairs of genes transported on 46 chromosomes.

DNA molecules are a chain of simpler molecules.   They are responsible for the transmission and manifestation of hereditary traits and are present in all living organisms (except in some viruses).   DNA consists of two strands that form a structure called "double helix".  DNA sequence differs somewhat from person to person. Some of these differences cause us to be distinctly unique from each other, for example in skin colour or eye colour or blood group.  However, the old saying that "Our destiny is dictated by our genes" is in part misleading.

Today Epigenetics powerfully demonstrates that our genetic code it is not necessarily a dead sentence!

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