If you really wish to slow down the aging process then understand this: Anti-Aging Begin from Within! It is biochemistry! It make sense. What happen when you put a lid to a pan full of boiling water? The water will over-spill, we have to turn down the heat, isn't it? The same apply with your skin, the heat comes from within due to inflammation, intoxication, acidity.

You need to turn all that down, to clear the causes. of course, even more importantly what has been said apply to the prevention, early detection and reversal of age-related diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. such prevention and detection should be taken in the upmost serious consideration.
Many age-related diseases could prove fatal without interventions that lengthen life span for individuals by preventing or stabilising such specific age-related diseases. In doing so we therefore help to slow down and in many cases even reverse premature aging. How can we are able to do that? - By cleansing, repairing, rejuvenate the key factors of the gut, connected organs and the immune system, our treatments prepare and help the body to face and cope with the inevitability of getting older in a much healthier and energetic way. We at True Key Health Factors do not just promote healthy lifestyle and well-being to prevent disease but we detect and intercept potential causes which accelerate aging through an accurate Iridology eye analysis. In addition, we may recommend non-synthetic nutritional supplements to restore your body to its optimum healthy state, depending upon your needs. “The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not short term. There’s prevention, then performance and lastly longevity. How do we keep our energy and passion for life as we age? I believe people should die of old age in perfect health and that’s what I help people do.”

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