3 Fundamental and Crucial Remedies to Get Back on Tract With Life

There are obviously cultural, social, economic, environmental, genetic code and other determinants factors that shape our physical and mental health state. Creating healthier self requires determination, effort, self-control and effective actions on our part. Of all the factors influencing us there are many outside our direct influence. However, there are key health factors which are crucial to our health that we all can control or let’s say can do something about it. It has been said that ‘We are what we eat’.
I obviously agree with this statement. Proper nutrition is undoubtedly the MAIN KEY FACTOR to good health.
However, our health is made up of so much more than just the food we eat. Sleep, stress, relationships, activity levels, exercise and existing health conditions, to name just a few, all play a role on how we are and feel. Fundamentally, I firmly believe that we are what we eat, what we digest, what we absorb and what and how we eliminate.
Here's what I've ultimately learned and experienced in almost 4 decades of being a healthy councious individual: I have come to the conclusion that, along with a healthy lifestyle and other determinants, there are several crucial TRUE KEY FACTORS that can help us, along with a healthy nutritional programme, to prevent disease, regain health and maintain it.  I have worked with a reputable  non-pharmacological health company  towards this aim and have formulated what i consider to be the 3 fundamental remedies which could help people to get back on tract with their life. I called them KEY HEALTH FACTOR 1 - KEY HEALTH FACTOR 2 - KEY HEALTH FACTOR 3.
Read below to find out.


FIRSTLY,  keeping the gut lining healthy is of upmost importance to prevent unwanted microbs, toxins and other substances to get into our bloodstream.  In doing so immune tolerance and the healing of autoimmune disease can be achieved.  Therefore, it is crucial to look after our gut by cleaning, detoxifying and repair it for proper digestion, absorption and elimination and for keeping our immune system at its best.  Many diseases are caused by an intoxicated intestine that does not absorb vital nutrients for physical and mental health.  FACTOR 1 might promotes cleansing and detoxification of the digestive tract through the elimination of nasty chemicals and harmful bacteria, often cause of headaches, upset stomach, swelling and sense of heaviness.  It might helps by removing such harmful bacteria and toxins from the intestinal and colon walls.  It then might helps to soothe and revitalise the intestine so to be able again to absorb essential nutrients and to reject waste toxins and micro-organisms that cause and worsen hidden or in progress diseases.  FACTOR 1 might promotes regularity of the transit of stools normalizing its volume and consistency.  It might helps rebalancibg the intestinal flora, strengthens and encourages healthier digestion, preventing the stagnation caused by a slow bowel and colon.  The regulation of intestinal transit, the elimination of toxins, the regeneration of the digestive tract and nutrient absorption help keep a healthy body and mind and avoid premature aging.
ABOVE ALL, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE NOT TO GET SICK OR GET BETTER when the intestine is CLOGGED-UP, INTOXICATED and UNABLE TO ABSORB vital nutrients so imperative for physical, mental health and well-being.
KEY FACTOR 1 remedy is an anti-aging formula made of 7 key ingredients that might help cleaning, repairing and rejuvenating the intestine and colon.  It is an organically advanced, improved, effective absorbent and purifying cleanser of unwanted toxins and other debris.  We strongly believe and trust this treatment for its proven efficacy in giving an overall positive boost to the entire system, improving therefore in the process others ilnesses, afflictions and ailments too.


SECONDLY, it is key to look after the Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen and Kidneys, as they are crucial for a healthy digestion, detoxification and overall health. It is imperative to support them with specific powerful designed herbs with the intent of cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing and supporting them and their processes. In a nut shell, these organs are not part of the digestive tract, but they are directly involved in playing a key role in digestive activities and are considered accessory organs. The digestive role of the liver is to produce bile for digestion and export it to the duodenum. The gallbladder's main purpose is to store, concentrate, and release bile. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice that contains digestive enzymes and bicarbonate ions, and when they are needed are realised it to the duodenum. Good liver function is also essential for healthy nerves. The liver and these organs work together to digest, absorb, and process food. The liver also produces proteins vital for blood clotting and other important functions. The spleen helps with the ability to properly digest. It is the largest organ in the lymphatic system and key for keeping bodily fluids balanced. The kidneys are key in flushing out toxins, unwanted debris such as medications and in regulating and filtering minerals from blood.
KEY FACTOR 2 remedy is made of a combination of ORGANIC herbs designed to support the above 4 key organs using 6 key herbs which individually, holistically and synergistically might help to cleanse, detox, nourish and support these organs.


THIRDLY, it is key to look after the Immune System so that it would keep working at peak efficiency.  It involves all bunch of different tissue groups, organ systems and specialised but widely distributed defence cells.  Together these amazing substances joins forces to perform all of the defence functions using an arsenal of physical, chemical barriers and killer cells that our body depends on to keep us alive and healthy.  FACTOR 3 focuses on the Immune System, Lymphatic and Blood composition.  It has been designed to give thorough support to these body's key systems.  The remedy might supports and helps keeping the Immune System fully charged and effective for the production of T, K and B cells aganst dangerous phategens and viruses.  It might helps in cleansing and keeping the bloodstream fully oxygenated and efficient for the nourishment of the brain, organs, tissues and nerves.
 KEY FACTOR 3 remedy is made of a combination of 16 key herbs, spices and seeds which individually and holistically are anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibiotic and more.

I strongly recommend all the above 3 KEY HEALTH FACTORS remedies to every patient of mine as a FUNDAMENTAL, ESSENTIAL, COMPREHENSIVE 'Health Plan' which, when properly implemented, along with a provided tailored made nutritional programme, other recommendations and an improved lifestyle on the patient's part, it would bring to the patient the expected results with much fatisfaction, joy and sense of well-being.

Of course, ALL specific patient's issues and symptoms would be carefully pinpointed and addressed during consultations and subsequent follow-ups visits.

KEY HEALTH FACTOR 1, 2 and 3 clearly are common sense powerful weapons against everything we do not want to happen to us.
- IF you want a healthy adult life for you, your family and friends benefit,
- IF you want a healthy old age with friends and family around you,
- IF you want stay in your home and be independent and have a good later life,
- IF you are committed to make the most of later life then, make healthy choices that would help you aging greacefully TODAY!
- IF you aim at living well and love later life, then you ought to, with the upmost consideration, reflect on my recommendation very, very carefully.
Choose wisely

Be well...stay well...age well

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