Have you noticed that the Internet has become a real jungle of health products claims? From vitamins to minerals and everything in between, it can be confusing for people to know what's truth and what's fiction, what's is reliable & effective and what is a fake or waste of time & money. When it comes to vitamins and supplements in general you need a recommendation you can trust. This 'Products Reviews' aim at guiding you through the jungle delivering the information you need to know to make smart, helpful decisions.

People wonder why certain supplements seem ineffective, blaming the nutrients themselves instead of blaming their quality, who has produced them and sold them in the first place. Be aware, Amazon is full of unscrepolous Health Supplements Marketeers! Like everything in life here is how the idiom goes: “you get what you pay for”. The price of something usually equals its quality (especially cheap things are often of very low quality, usually produced by unscrepolous producers using poor untested materials of unknown origin).

That is why I personally endorse only the following UK based Health Nutrients products manufacturers. Their products are all made in UK under strict monitoring from government’s agencies. Their prices match & in many occasions are even cheaper of the Marketeers' products despite being far superior in quality and efficacy. Each UK manufacturer below has allocated us a practitioner discount which we have happily extended to our clients.