Herbal Formula that Helps an Healthy Stress Response

Stress comes in all forms, mental, physical, chemical and emotional, due to nutrient deficiencies and by metabolic issues.  Some supplements can be helpful to support the body’s response to stress but they have their own side-effects as well.  We have a herbal formula that helps an healthy stress response.   It is specifically designed to support the adrenal glands, a calming effect on the nervous system and to support a sense of relaxation.  In addition, a distress mind can inform the gut, and a distress gut can inform the mind.  Recent studies confirm that high levels of stress can affect gut bacteria but also that reducing the number of bacteria in the gut can reduce stress-induced activity by the brain.

The so called gut–brain axis in regulating stress-related responses has long been established.   Our FACTOR 1 treatment focuses on promoting detoxification of the digestive tract through the elimination of chemicals and malignant bacteria, it may help detoxifying by detaching harmful toxins from the intestinal and colon walls often cause of headaches and of an upset state of mind.

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