Avoiding Future Health Problems


In this time and age prevention cannot be solved purely by few occasional blood tests checks.   We must take an active role in making sure we minimise the chances of becoming unwell in the first place.  The iris, the pupil and sclera have one of the most complex tissue structures in the human anatomy.   Collectively, they can reveal the level of constitutional strength genetic predispositions, state of health inflammation or weakness of the organs, glands and tissues of our body, brain included.  Even if a person comes to us feeling healthy, iridology can observe and show body's organs that need to be nurtured in order to avoid health issues in the near future.

Iridology is an immediate observation of the state of our most inner parts, even the only visible aspect of the autonomic and central nervous system.  Hence, a skilful Iridologist can assess the root causes of symptoms.  From that iris analysis a skilful herbalist can prescribe effective formula herbs to stimulate and support the system/s and/or organ/s in question.   A careful nutritionist would recommend a personalised nourishing food protocol and a naturopath would incorporate synergistically all the above and use other possible tools at his/her disposal to wrap everything up into a compressive strategical programme of actions to may help regaining health and maintain it.

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