Have you ever had this type of experience? You have started a particular diet, or juice cleanse or taken a new supplement and felt good for few days and then thought that finally you found the elixir to your ill health were solved? Coming back to “reality” after feeling great for a few days and telling all your friends and family about the new fad can be one of the most frustrating things on this journey.
Quick fixes do not work!!!!

We know that a structured and comprehensive detox protocol is essential for realizing and experiencing this truth and it must target heavy metals, parasites, yeast, plastics, oestrogens, and other chemicals that are deeply embedded in our organs and glands. We believe, at the core of our experience, that detoxification is the absolute basic, essential most critical tool for true and lasting health transformation. Detoxification starts at the gate between us and the external world out there, our gut. When properly done it can take somebody dead and bring them back to life, sort of speak. Detoxification can take somebody from feeling low to great. Detoxification can help anyone, no matter what their level of sickness or chronic disease to improve their health. Our KEY FACTOR 1 was designed specifically to address the key issue.
You cannot have an unhealthy congested, intoxicated gut and regain your overall health, period!
STOP fooling yourself!

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