There are overwhelming evidences that chronic disease is spreading here in UK and around the World. Conventional medicine can do up to a point but can’t stop it. Integrative Complementary Naturopathic Medicine can help. Naturopathic Medicine adopts a different and more natural approach to care. It addresses the root cause of ill-health instead of relying on drugs that can only suppress symptoms or being inorganic in nature have their limitations. Naturopathy’s approach aims to deal with the underlying root cause of an ailment and treats each person as a whole, unique individual, considering their unique constitution, strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of promoting true natural health, conventional medicine only diagnoses an illness and try to deal with or suppress the symptoms with synthetic medications. Those medications barely ever address the underlying of the issue and in many instances, they mask symptoms and every so often even put at risk crucial bodily functions, leading to undesired side effects which require more drugs to deal with them. Those regularly prescriptions in time create patients for life, and certainly not solve the root cause of the ailment, on the contrary, due to their side effects, they cause people to plunge into a spiral that will lead them to a bleaker future.

On the contrary, when the overall picture of the internal condition is clear the Naturopath would develop an individualised treatment to support patients as they take responsible steps to improve their health. That approach leads to profound, longer-lasting results for patients – and greater satisfaction for their practitioner.

Naturopathy is your best weapon against your illness. Iridology is your best weapon to find out your body's true root cause of your illness.

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