Impatience – Stress – Tension – Excitability

Impatience, Stress, Tension, Excitability are all manifestations of an upset psychophysical condition. Physical factors which are impacting on our mood are poor digestion, acidity, intoxication and an unhealthy gut, among others. While some supplements can contribute to support a good healthy mood, people should aim at addressing the causes just mentioned. Low levels of hormone serotonin can also affect mood and the use of some supplements may be helpful for a while, but after a while adverse effect will pop-up causing even more serious imbalances.

The body’s processes support a biological, natural metabolism and natural hormones production. When supplements, in particular synthetic ones, are used, they interfere, due to their inorganic chemical content, with the natural acceptance design and rejection of unwanted compounds causing deeper disturbances.  On the other hand, a natural, holistic, naturopathic approach to the issue is always wise, stabilising and, in the great majority of cases, able to resolve the issue once for all.   Did you know that 75-80% of seratonin is made in the gut?   A cleansed and toxins-free gut has been proven to help the microbiome (good bacteria) to strive there and in turn to positively affect our mood.     Our KEY FACTOR 1 was specifically formulated to address the key issue.

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