There are overwhelming evidences that chronic disease is spreading in Europe and around the world (WHO) . Conventional medicine can counteract it up to a certain point but it cannot stop it. Complementary Naturopathic Medicine can help. Naturopathic Medicine takes a different and more natural approach to treatment. Naturopathy addresses the ROOT CAUSE of bad health instead of relying on drugs that can only suppress symptoms or, being inorganic in nature, have their limitations.

The Naturopathy approach aims to treat the cause of a disorder and treats each person as a single individual, in its entirety, considering its constitution, the strengths and weaknesses that can rebalance the body and bring it back to a healthier state.   When the general picture of internal organs and tissues is clear, the Naturopath develops personalized treatment to support patients while taking responsible measures to improve their health. &Nbsp; This approach leads to profound and longer lasting results for patients and greater satisfaction for themselves and their doctor.

Naturopathy is your best weapon against disease.
Iridology is your best weapon to discover the TRUE CAUSE of your bad health.
Choose wisely!
Take care of your body ... It's the ONLY place you have to live!

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